Black Belt Leadership and Life Skills Training

Leadership and Life Skill training is a core piece of our Black Belt training at Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do in Manitowoc, WI. Our focus is on building great people, one Black Belt at a time. The following material is an example of some of the material covered in Black Belt Leadership and Life Skills training.

Respect Respect is an attitude, a way of thinking about people, places and things. It’s the way we treat ourselves, other people, things we and others own and the environment. Respect is shown by actions not just words. Martial arts training is built on respect. Students learn that respect is very important in getting along with others and growing into a healthy individual.

Persistence The trait of persistence is common to all successful people and is crucial to getting ahead in life. According to Former President Calvin Coolidge, “Nothing takes the place of persistence” and history proves him to be right. Almost all of the world’s great success stories have arisen from the ashes of failure. Students learn that the road to success is paved by doing their very best every day and learning to never give up.

Self-discipline Self-discipline is learning to make the right choice even when no one else is watching. Anyone can learn to follow someone else’s directions but a truly successful person learns to challenge themselves to be disciplined in their actions and choices. Martial arts students learn to stay focused on achieving their goals through consistent, positive choices that continually move them closer to their goals.

Confidence There is no power in the world stronger than a person who believes in themselves and their goals. There is a famous quote; “believe and achieve” that states it very simply. Students learn very quickly that anything is possible when they believe in themselves. Training is designed to build each students belief in themselves and their goals.

Focus/Concentration The ability to stay focused for extended periods of time and concentrate on something until it is finished is a powerful life skill. Students are continuously challenged to build their focus and concentration to the highest level. This new found focus and concentration will have a dramatic effect in every area of their lives including, school reflected in better grades, work and being able to stay on task for longer time periods, sports and being able to follow instructions and learn quicker.

Our Martial Arts school is committed to the growth and success of each of our students. The Black Belt Leadership and Life Skills curriculum is an integral piece of the formula for helping every student learn and grow every day. Each student’s life is changed forever as they are challenged each day in class.

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