“Anger Management.” I can calm myself down when I feel angry!

This Month’s Powerful Word is “Anger Management.”

Anger Management is the final concept in our three-month curriculum aimed at empathetic goal-setting, problem-solving and relationship management. This Powerful Word relies on our previous two powerful words; empathy and impulse control.

We must be able to recognize and consider other people’s feelings as well as stop and think before we act in order to employ anger management.

Anger Management does not expect that we won’t get angry. All feelings are okay and healthy- it’s how you handle them that truly matters! In fact, suppressing anger is not healthy. Instead we must find positive and constructive outlets for our anger. These positive outlets prevent us from hurting others or ourselves.

Angry thoughts may be accompanied by physical tension and an increased heart rate. These angry thoughts can lead to aggression– in fact, 90% of aggressive acts are preceded by feelings of anger!

Stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing, re-focusing, discussing, visioning and exercising are helpful in teaching children how to find solutions to frustrating problems. Some experts even recommend light-touch pressure, swaying or singing to let out overwhelming feelings that may progress into anger. Students can learn to recognize the signs before anger strikes and take safe and fair actions.

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Want to learn more about the Licensed Powerful Words Program at our school in Manitowoc, WI., Just give us a visit at 823B Jay Street. We look forward to partnering with you on teaching anger management this month!

Here’s to your success!

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