3 Things To Work On (Every Day)

Focus Black Belt Focus (and Commitment)

Black Belts understand the importance and power of focus and commitment. Outstanding focus and commitment are two of the most powerful tools you need to guarantee success and happiness in martial arts and life. The one sure way to reach every one of your goals is with Black Belt persistence… simply put; never give up!

“A Black Belt is a white belt that did not quit!”

Black Belt Focus is one of the most important tools younger students develop to help them succeed at the highest levels in school and sports. Students guickly find it much easier to excel in school with less effort because of their increased focus and concentration.

Attitude A Black Belt Attitude

Students must demonstrate an “attitude of excellence” in three areas of life.

At home

Students must demonstrate a positive, respectful and helping attitude while at home.The life skills they learn while in martial arts classes must be evident in their actions with family and friends. The same respect shown for instructors must be shown to teachers, family and friends.

At school and/or work

Students must show the spirit, concentration, persistence and positive attitude at school or work that they show at their martial arts school. They should be striving to do their very best in everything they do. As their skills and knowledge in the martial arts grow, it should become easier and easier to excel at everything they do.

At Martial Arts classes

Students must always demonstrate an “attitude of excellence” in class. They are never expected to be perfect, just give their very best effort and maintain a “YES I CAN”attitude! Black

Intensity & Desire

Belt Intensity (and Desire)

Everything in life starts with desire. You must first decide what you want and then set your sights on reaching that goal no matter what the obstacles. A Black Belt knows what they want and they are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals. If you know in your heart you want to be a Black Belt and you focus your efforts with maximum intensity in that direction, you WILL reach your goal. You will earn your Black Belt. You will know anything in life is possible when you show outstanding Black Belt focus, attitude, intensity and commitment.

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