What is a Black Belt?

What is a Black Belt?

A "Black Belt" is a person, young or old, who sets goals, makes commitments and works diligently to reach them.

A "Black Belt" is a person,child or adult, who is committed to doing their very best in every area of their life.

A "Black Belt" is a person who is dedicated to becoming the very best person they can possibly be.

A “Black Belt” is all this and much more.

Many people when they think about a Black Belt, it conjures up images of great fighters or warriors with amazing skills who can defeat multitudes of fighters or defeat an attacker with a single strike. Or they have an image of an old wise man who has all of the answers to life. Unfortunately, none of these myths or images are accurate.

Another question that comes up quite often is: "Once I get my Black Belt, do I have to get my hands and feet registered as lethal weapons?"

This is just another of many urban legends or myths surrounding the Black belt.

Quite simply put the Black Belt is symbol. Many people believe once you have earned your Black Belt you are now an expert or can teach others but this is also far from the truth. The rank of Black Belt actually represents an advanced beginner, someone who is now ready to learn and grow in the martial arts and as a person. Just like growing up. It take a long time and can’t be rushed. Many of the misconceptions and myths are created or influence by the media and movies.

Earning a Black Belt is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Very few people in the world have the attitude or discipline to commit themselves to and complete their Black Belt training. For those who do, there is a great deal of reward and pride in reaching the goal of Black Belt. The knowledge, skills and growth that are developed during the training for Black Belt are life changing. This knowledge and the life skills including increased confidence, concentration, self-discipline, persistence and a positive attitude and outlook on life will help that person live a happy and fulfilling life.

Being a Black Belt is not the end of the journey but rather a wonderful new beginning. Future psots will share with you what it really means to earn and be a Black Belt!

Dare to live a life of adventure... a life of abundance! Black Belt Warrior principle

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