7-8 Year Old Martial Arts Classes


The stages of development for children 7 & 8-years old have been studied. Research targeted 8 advanced skills that this particular age group is in the process of developing. Those skills are: concentration, persevernce, courage, intensity, speed, agility, technique, and flexibility.


To complete the study and design the perfect curriculum for this age group, a thorough curriculum was developed and the Prep Course was born.


In the Prep Course program, your child will learn and grow in a process that accommodates their skills and abilities. They will train with other children in their age group, and not have to be distracted by younger or older classmates.


This means that their training will not be slowed down due to the learning abilities of a younger child; and it will not be sped up to keep up with the capabilities of a pre-teen.


This means better, more functional classes designed just for them. Your child will feel comfortable and more capable of achieving excellence. They are at an age where the more special they feel, the harder they will try.



Children's Martial Arts Manitowoc