The Importance of Bilateral Coordination on Physical and Cognitive Skills

The development of a child can be one of the most fascinating things to watch unfold. From infants mirroring movements to toddlers and children mastering high level developmental skills, the growth they experience in a short time is astounding. And while all skills are important for children to master, bilateral coordination is an important prerequisite for development of a variety of motor and cognitive skills. Bilateral coordination is the ability to synchronize both sides of the body in a controlled manner. An important aspect of this is “crossing the mid-line.” This is a spontaneous movement and involves being able to cross an imaginary line that runs down the center of the body. It is k


GETTING YOUR KIDS TO HAVE MORE SELF CONTROL with the BIG 8… For parents, there is not one infallible way to teach children self-control. The good news is there are plenty of methods that can be utilized. In the process, kids may also relinquish a lot of the pressure they put on themselves. Here is a closer look at some simple ways that can build self-control in children. 1. Focus on the good It is easy to critique children on their bad habits. However, practicing good habits brings positive results. So why not cultivate those good habits? Don’t just take for granted those moments when your children complete their homework, clean their room or mind their manners. Positive reinforcement of the

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