The 5 Traits of Black Belt Excellence

Happy but not satisfied. There is an old Zen proverb that says; “Before enlightenment – chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment – chop wood and carry water.” This can be interpreted to mean that one should have a goal, to be constantly striving toward, but don’t concentrate so much on the goal that you forget the path. Black Belts learn to challenge themselves every day in every way. Compare yourself, not to others, but to your own potential. Comparison of self to others can make one feel either incompetent or overconfident. Not every Black Belt is equal in skill. In fact, all students are dissimilar in skill level. Although there is a certain level of skill required to progress to a

Being a Black Belt is a Journey… Not a Destination

Setting the goal and committing to earn your Black Belt is an honorable goal. Once you have set the goal you need to remember there will be challenges and obstacles in your path. There will be people who don’t support your goal and commitment. There will be people that tell you, you won’t make it. Don’t listen! Instead listen to your inner voice. Believe in yourself. Listen to the people who tell you how great you are, the people who help you along your path and during your journey. There is a Black Belt inside each of us. You just need to trust and believe in yourself. Let the warrior that resides in each of us come out. Inside you is a great and powerful warrior, a warrior of life. As a B

“I am a Helpful Member of My Community

Citizenship- “I am a Helpful Member of My Community Citizenship is more than being a member of a community. It’s a powerful word that reflects how we behave towards our community as well as how we respond to it when it’s in need. Whether we are referring to our school, our local area or of the world at large, as citizens it’s important that we act with respect and respond in a caring, helpful and responsible manner. Children’s participation in showing citizenship can have many benefits. For example, recycling can help keep our environment healthy now and in the future. Contributing to charity can provide others with healthier, more satisfying, productive lives. Obeying laws can keep communit

3 Things To Work On (Every Day)

Focus Black Belt Focus (and Commitment) Black Belts understand the importance and power of focus and commitment. Outstanding focus and commitment are two of the most powerful tools you need to guarantee success and happiness in martial arts and life. The one sure way to reach every one of your goals is with Black Belt persistence… simply put; never give up! “A Black Belt is a white belt that did not quit!” Black Belt Focus is one of the most important tools younger students develop to help them succeed at the highest levels in school and sports. Students guickly find it much easier to excel in school with less effort because of their increased focus and concentration. Attitude A Black Belt A

What is a Black Belt?

What is a Black Belt? A "Black Belt" is a person, young or old, who sets goals, makes commitments and works diligently to reach them. A "Black Belt" is a person,child or adult, who is committed to doing their very best in every area of their life. A "Black Belt" is a person who is dedicated to becoming the very best person they can possibly be. A “Black Belt” is all this and much more. Many people when they think about a Black Belt, it conjures up images of great fighters or warriors with amazing skills who can defeat multitudes of fighters or defeat an attacker with a single strike. Or they have an image of an old wise man who has all of the answers to life. Unfortunately, none of these myt

“I’m a self starter!”

This month we will focus on the powerful word; “initiative.” Initiative is the energetic, forward-moving purposeful action someone takes without the need of prompting or reminding. A person with initiative is a self-starter and goes after goals and get jobs done with admirable self-reliance. In 1916, Dorothy Fisher wrote “Self Reliance,” a manuscript that focuses on children and the importance of developing initiative. She warns; “From the earliest years, modern children need to be set in conditions in which they may learn for themselves that lasting satisfaction comes from a wise employment of their own energies and capacities, and not from a passive ownership of things.” Her words still

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